Black Wagyu

Black wagyu as well as red wagyu have very limited genetics which to pick from, so it is a challenge for all wagyu breeders outside of Japan to keep our inbreeding to a minimum. Because of this, we like to use red wagyu as part of our rotational breed plan to incorporate size, growth, and milk to our black wagyu. Coming from black wagyu are primarily three strains: Tajima, Fujiyoshi (Shimane), and Kedaka. Most breeders look at these strains for their strengths. Tajima primarily for their marbling abilities, but tend to be a little smaller than the other two strains. Fujiyoshi and Kedaka, although they marble well, are not as good at marbling as Tajima, but are a little larger, faster growing, and the mothers are usually better milkers. Rotational breeding can add the best of all three strains to help producers create a more balanced animal.